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Whilst doing my research on the three topics that I chose to discuss for my blog I discovered quite a lot about the digital world that I didn’t know. It can be a creative place for students and people to gain knowledge and learn about virtually anything, as well as an avenue to create and express ones knowledge and experiences. I also learnt that it can be a dangerous place if it’s not taken seriously and you don’t strictly monitor what you are putting out there and also letting in. (Tranberg, 2013)

As teachers and educators it is our responsibility to give our students the opportunity and skills to be able to excel with digital technologies in their future. We need to make sure they are up to scratch with required tools and programs that are expected by the end of their schooling. (Howell, 2012)

Whilst doing this assignment I also discovered and explored a range of digital tools that were available for use to create my content. This is the first time I have created a blog and found that WordPress was a relatively easy tool to use and navigate. I did however have a few issues with minor details relating to the creative side of it. I used Audacity to create my audio summation and was easily able to navigate this program, it allowed me to edit my work with ease. I think this will be a good tool to use in the future for any recordings I will need to do and I will be able to use it in conjunction with other tools. Prezi was a fun to use creative tool that allowed me to express more of my artistic side. I have found that all three tools that I used were quite simple and worked with ease. I also feel by using these programs it has widened my knowledge of the different technologies out there and has expanded my ability to use new digital tools.


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File:Prezi logo transparent 2012.svg – Wikimedia Commons. (2017).  Retrieved 28 March 2018, from

File:Audacity Logo.svg – Wikimedia Commons. (2017).  Retrieved 28 March 2018, from


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